The Quality Assurance Institute Middle East and Africa (QAI MEA) was established in January 2001 to serve Arab, African and Asian countries. QAI MEA has tailored and adapted its products and services to local customs and cultures to better serve our customers. QAI MEA's goal is to assist our clients to achieve their strategies through continuous process improvement and innovation. Simply put, we help our clients to "Figure It Out".

We take pride in being one of the first professional organizations to recognize the need for quality assurance and to have the vision to be exclusively devoted to the Information Technology (IT) profession. QAI MEA uses a business-oriented approach to Managing Quality. It recognizes the close working relationship that must exist between information technology services and their internal and external customers. The approach develops methods for improving the processes within information technology organizations, leading to improved products, services and customer loyalty. Our approach takes into account the need of many organizations to re-establish credibility with their customers due to the past performance. It guides these organizations in building an environment where projects for products and services are completed on time and within budget. Our appraisal and assessment programs can also attest and provide evidence that an organization is operating effectively and efficiently and in a secure manner.